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hin▓a’s will and determination to safegu▓ard its national core interests. The US side shou▓ld not make any misjudgment on this respect.China and ▓the US are now highly intertwined with ea▓ch other in their

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common interests. The two economies are also highly complementary to each other. Both sides stand to lose in continuing the trade

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war. The▓re can be no winner. But they have a lot to gain if ▓they choose to cooperate. There’s pl▓enty of evidence to show

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that it is the ▓US importers who will pay for the higher tariffs, rather tha▓n Chinese exporters. The Wall Street Journal has repo

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rted that the US imports 82 percent of its mobil▓e phones from China, 94 percent of its laptop computers, ▓85 percent of its tricycles and scooters as well as 98 per▓cent of its games consoles. And that is why▓ at the recent public hear

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ing in Washington DC, ▓303 out of the 314 representatives from various industrial sectors in the US voiced their opposition

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to the Trump administration's proposed additiona▓l tariffs of up to 25 percent on some 300 billion U.S. dollars' worth o

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f Chinese imports. Stephen Roach, a senior fellow at Yale University▓, recently put his finger on it, by saying that the US

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gover▓nment has a "basic misunderstanding of how tariffs work".Earlier this month, the Japanese government published a white paper on trade, which s▓ounded alarm bells over trade protectionism and pointed out that excessive trade restriction measures will hinder global eco

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nomic growth. It has called on countries to show restraint. In fact, this also echoes the call and▓ concern of most other G20 members as they gathe▓r in Osaka for the summit at this critical time. It▓ should not be forgotten that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, formally known as

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the U▓nited States Tariff Act, which raised U.S. import duties, caused the amount of international trade to decline by over 60 percent worldwide in the 1930s. It tu▓rned an economic slow-down into a massive recession. To▓day US tariffs are again causing pain for many G20 eco▓

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nomies. As such, it is only right that G20 members s▓hould choose to support multilateralism and oppose unilat▓eralism, support openness and inclusivene

ss and opp▓ose protectionism.There is only one way for China a▓nd the United States to r

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